Forget kenny!

“Yeah sure” Andrea said to Lucas. On their way out, Lucas grabbed his jacket and opened the door for her. They began to walk toward her house. “So, I thought you were going out with Kenny?” Lucas said. “Umm not anymore!” Andrea said as she remembered what he had done to her.
“That’s good..I mean it’s not good that you guys broke up…I mean he really doesn’t deserve you”
He said as Andrea thought about how cute it was the way he stuttered.
He took his hand out of his pocket and slightly brushed his fingers on hers. She looked at him and smiled. He held her hand tighter. “Are you cold?”
“No, I’m just getting Goosebumps” She said as she giggled. “Me too!” They walked in silence as they held hands until they got to her house. “This is it! This is my house”
“Oh wow, that was fast!” Lucas said as he let go of her hand.
He walked her up to her door and leaned in for a good night kiss, just then her brother Larry walked out. (Cough) Lucas smiled and said “bye” then he left.
Andrea went inside with her brother

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