Van Mantras Target.

For the secound time in a week, Van Mantra had a gun thrust at his head.

“You are one of them?!”

Cried Stephen, alerting his crew to the situation. They who had them drew guns at their captains target.

“Look,” started Van. “They chose me, they came to me. I dont, know exactly what they did to me… but my dreams… sometimes they are more than dreams. Listen, its hard to explain.”

“Well you better start. God knows how many millions have died already, and your involved!”

“I am involded Stephen, and its up to me! Its up to me if this race that has contacted me destorys this planet, or saves it!”

Stephan lowered his gun. His eyes were wide and a solemn expression took over the crew.

“Ok then, so, your on there side? So where are they? How long are they going to let us die?”

“This force here on earth, has set up some kind of jamming device on the galaxy. Our forces would be lost in space if they traveled in here. The device is in the mainland, thats all i know. It must be destroyed.

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