I Don't Want Wings!

We left my Fairy Godmother’s house and set off through the forest.

“As long as we’ve got a minute, Destiny,” she puffed, wiping sweat off her plump face, “I should really explain more about the tasks and chores you’ll be assisting with. Our first task, naturally, is to mend the colorswirl. Now, as you should know, members of the Fairy Federation are often visited by their Fairy Godchildren for advice, wishes, and potions, you’ll be helping me with my customers. Your chores will include cooking meals and occasional errands to run.”

My head was spinning. Fairy Federation? Potions? Errands? This was ridiculous! I couldn’t believe that it was all true.

My Fairy Godmother smiled at me. “For each task (not ordinary chore, task) you will be rewarded. Each of them will earn you a wish.”

“A wish?”

“Yes. And now, dear, I’m going to grant you one. And you must ask for wings.”

“Ask for wings?” This couldn’t mean anything good. Wings?! I didn’t want wings!

“Ah dear, here we are.”

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