Bum Budda Dum!

“Shhh.. we don’t want to scare him off!” I whispered to Brett as we walked downstairs to where Shade was patiently waiting. This is the best look he’s ever had, if you ask me.

We tiptoed down, and to see the look repeated on Brett’s face would be impossible. He held my hand a little tighter, but we made it down. Shade finally saw us and Brett backed up a little.

“Why hello there, Brett!”

He turned around and whispered with a shocked look on his face, “He knows my name!!”

“Of course he does – he’s Superman!”

Brett pointed to the window, where Rachel was outside with a drawing of the Superman signal, “Can I go with?”

“Of course, Brett! Let’s go!”

Once they were gone, Rachel came in. “He’ll never realize that the signal in the sky is for Batman, he’s too excited.”

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