The state zoo went out of business

My dad used to be the manager of the local grocery store; Food 2 Go! Now he is Jambo’s agent. He even bought those sunglasses all the agents wear. My mom was a secretary at my old elementary school. Now she’s looking for a job working for a clothing store. My younger brother, Matt is head over heels in this. He’s ten and thinks moving to LA is a dream. Well is pretty much has been.
I was reading the newspaper and suddenly I came across big, bold words: Do you have a koala? Summerton Productions, Producers of the #1 movie Panda Detectivesare looking for koalas to star in our upcoming hit movie. Please bring your koala to Redford Building on May 6th at 10:30-4:30. Hope to see you there! I knew Jambo would get the part. We bought Jambo from the state zoo after it closed. All the animals went for sale. We got Jambo. In short, Jambo got the part and I’m sitting in a sunshine filled room in LA in the middle of the winter. It doesn’t help that everyone here is so glamourous. It makes Jambo hate me even more.

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