Keep Your Distance, Vicky!

I never made that appointment for my glasses. It’s a damn shame, too. I can picture Dr. Jake in his lab coat sitting on his rolling stool. I can see him sighing, glancing at his watch, then the clock, then his appointment book, then his watch. I can see him shrugging and heading out for an early lunch, flipping the open sign and locking up.

Poor Dr. Jake! Look, all I’m saying is that Vicky is a nice girl and all, but Dr. Jake shouldn’t have to put up with that. And neither should I.

So you’ll want to know what happened next. I’m not really clear on the whole thing myself, but I do know that there was a flash. At first I thought something had exploded, which would have explained the ringing in my ears. I really don’t know what it was. All I know is that, a few seconds later, Vicky had her arms around me, kissing my neck. Glancing over her shoulder, I could see that the office was covered in a layer of fine white powder—again. But the real problem was the hot Chai still in her hand, spilling down my collar.

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