Smooth the Frog..continued

The next morning I had to come up with a plan. Was this really happening to me, did I wake up from a dream.

“Holy Shit! I have to trick Sarah into marrying a frog!”

“Hmm, I need to run, coffee, coffee need my caffeine, OK, I’m ready”

Man, frog, wizard, marriage…all these things were going through my head circling and 15 days.

I had to stop, it was like a revelation came to mind….this is perfect. Sarah’s into gypsy’s and fortune tellers and she will buy into anything they tell her, if I can pay one off to convince her she will meet her future husband and go with spontaneity, this plan might just work.

I rushed home and began my search for a fortune teller, definitely no one local, Sarah knows alot of people and I already feel horrible.

Wendy Crystal Ball, Siena Fortune Teller, Mystic Lara…..hmmm…I like the name, Mystic Lara it is.

Phone rings

“Hello Zoe, it’s Ryan”

“Hi Ryan, I think I have a plan, meet me at the diner on 21st and 2nd, will explain details.”

“OK, what time?”


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