A Little Inspiration Quiz..

1. okay, be honest.. have you attempted to “Crank Dat” ?
2. Ewwww. Nastiest thing you’ve ever eaten?
3. Most missed memory.
4. Corniest pick up line ever. [psst. have you ever used it?]
5. Surprise! You get to meet two Disney characters, modern and/or way back when, who do you pick?
6. Ready for your close up? What commercail would you be willing to star in?
7. What are you going to/have you named your kid[s]?
8. Stupidest rule.. who made/enforced it?
9. One expectation you know you will never live up to..
10. Cliche, I know, but I couldn’t help it—- have you ever been in lovelovelove. {not just love, but lovelovelove}

Pleaseee try to incorperate the question with your answer or what not. I did get this idea from Llamaluvsmenotu.. and i found it funn to readd and answer.. so have funn. :]

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