A Horse and his Dwarf

Tlod stared at the dragon named Horse for a long while, until the smoke from the campfire started getting to his eyes and he had to turn his head away, ruining a perfectly dramatic moment.

“Why haven’t you spoken until now?” he asked the dragon, as he wiped his irritated eyes with his hands.

“I didn’t have anything to say,” Horse responded in a matter-of-fact tone. “Some dragons go their whole lives without speaking, even though they have the ability. Breathing fire and roaring are our preferred way of getting a point across.”

“The Insane Knight is dead. He was killed by a fire elemental who was sent by Ted the Off-White,” Tlod said gloomily.

The dragon’s eyes narrowed as he said, “His death should not go unavenged. We should find the wizard’s tower and burn it to the ground.”

“I agree,” the undead dwarf responded, “But first, we have to find our way out of The Boring Forest. We’re lost, remember.”

Horse stretched out his enormous wings and said, “No problem. I’ll fly us out.”

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