Broken Silence{The Dead Have Tales Challenge}

Dead man tell tales. The darkness was complete.
The cyrpts were all closed. Dozend and dozens of the.
Underground the cemetery. Hidden from view.

The names anonymous to all. Why they were burried under the cemetery and who they were was a mystery.

The silents was eerie.
Cobwebs were everywhere, sicking like superglue on the faces of those brave enough to dare to enter their final resting place.

Cats hissed.
Rats scurried.
Bats raced by in the darkness.
Spiders made new webs to replace the dismantled ones.
Roaches scattered.

The silence was broken.

The dead had tales to tell.
But what tales? Who where they? Why did they not rest in peace?

Fellow ficleteers, if you so choose to enter this challenege and give these forgotten dead a ghousish story.. if you’re not too scared! The challenge will end Aug 1st. Thank you for your participation one and all.

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