Seventh-Grade Memories (A Little Inspiration Quiz)

I couldn’t wait to go back to school in a couple of days. Call me crazy, but I missed my friends and I missed the feel of routine...I like stabilization.

The dance had been a few weeks ago. They played Crank That almost as much as z104—enough times to make my ears fall off. Watching everyone jump to the side and crash into each other, I was thankful for my decision not to join in.

Most of all, I missed our grade’s field trip to Keva Sports Center a month back. My friends and I had tried out field hockey. I remembered sprinting the length of the arena, brandishing a hockey stick overhead…good times. I laughed just thinking about it.

In a conversation a few months back, my friends and I had gotten around to discussing the crazy things. “What Disney characters would you meet if you could?” Mickey, of course, and possibly Jasmine so I could steal her flying carpet. “What commercial would you like to star in?” Anything well-paying and ridiculous. We laughed and laughed.

My memories drifted…

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