Hey. I no it’s late, unless u count 2:30am as early, but I was just wondering if u were awake…

After a while Abby looked over at the clock. 2:43. Obviously, Katelyn, her best friend, was happily dreaming about her newest crush, Matt.

So why was Abby up you ask? She wasn’t quite sure. She had a new boyfriend, Ben, and her life to everyone else, was perfect.

Yeah I’m up, I can’t stop thinking about Matt. Omg he is soooo cute!! i love him so much sigh

God Katelyn could be so absorbed in her own problems sometimes. She was 14 and already had had what? 15 boyfriends? Well thats Katelyn for you.

Why had Abby texted Katelyn if she knew what she was going to say? Why was she not sure about this new boyfriend? Why was everything seeming to become worse then before?

Abby was thinking about all these questions and more until she finally found sleep at 3:33A.M. Strange time. This wasn’t the first night she couldn’t fall asleep until late, and it was always at a strange time.

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