Ugh. It was already 2 in the morning. Not this again.

It was about the 10th time this had happened to Abby. At least she was starting to figure out why it was happening.

For one thing, there was Ben. He was nice and everything, but something was just not quite right. You might want to know something about Abby. Her best guy friend, Seth, knew everything about her. He knew about all of her regrets, he knew when something was wrong, no matter how hard Abby tried to not let it show, and he knew how to make everything ok. Seth was also her ex-boyfriend. He had been 3 times now. The last 3 times they had been together, were the only times she had really had a boyfriend that ment something to her. Truthfully, she hadn’t had many boyfriends at all.

Anyway, the thing with Ben was, Abby didn’t exactly know how to act. All she new was how to act around Seth. When she was with him, she could actually be just herself, with Ben, she tried to, but something always stopped her.

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