It was 2:45, Abby had been thinking about Ben and Seth a little longer then she had thought. Abby knew she would be dead tired in the morning so she tried her hardest to go to sleep. Luckily her hard work paid off, although she did happen to fall asleep at exactly 3:16. March 16th was her other best friend, Amber’s birthday. She had known Amber longer then anyone.

The Next Day

Abby was borrowing a book from Katelyn called Dreamland. It was by Sarah Dessen. It was about a girl who gets into the wrong things after her perfect sister runs away. She wants to be different from her sister and she ends up meeting a guy who changes everything for her, in a bad way.

It was quite a good book so far, and it was starting to get
Abby to think. She thought about how the girl in the book wanted change, but changed for the worse. Abby wanted to change too, the last year hadn’t been her favorite. It was winter break now, and Abby was using this time to transform, into something she wanted to be.

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