Flute Loop<33: A Philosophical Exploration of the Pen Name That Doesn't Have Much Thought Behind It

So, my name was kind of already given to me. It doesn’t have a huge and amazing story behind it. I would bet before you read this, you already new the story behind my name. Oh well, I’ll tell you anyway!

The word Flute came because I play flute. I’m in the 2nd hightest band in my school, am in the marching band, and am currently working on 3 pieces for solo/ensamble. (Solo/ensamble is where you pratice a piece, alone or with a group, and then you preform it in front of a judge and they give you a rating, 1-4.) I love all things that have to do with band, and most of my friends are in band also.

Loop is part of my pen name because I am a spazz, and well Flute Spazz didn’t sound right. Also my band teacher in middle school was a flute player, so she would mess around with us. We were the crazyest part of the band.

The hearts at the end were just a random added touch.

So… thats that the extrememly boring story behind by amazing pen name!

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