Phosphate11's Results of The Inspiration Quiz

1. Crank Dat? Wow almost wish I could say I have, but no never.
2. Disgusting. 5 years ago, at some fancy restaurant in a hotel for thanksgiving, with like a 7 course meal. One course, jello with fish.
3. 6th grade camp the entire trip, I had so many good memories there, too bad my pictures came out so bad. =(
4. “I’ve lost my number, can I borrow yours?” No thankfully i’ve never used it, but I did witness a friend say it!!
5. This is difficult, but my favorite movie when I was little, Fox and the hound. It always made me cry though. I would meet, Todd and Copper!!
6. Pepsi all the way, free soda!!!
7. Girl possibilities: Lena, Stephanie, Laurellie.
Boy possibilities: Logan, Blake, Cole, Leo, Lathe.
8. 4th grade, you pulled a card if you were bad, and if you had to pull it more then once before the end of the month you didn’t get to participate in the activity and had to write a 5 paragraph letter home.
9. Having lead roles in plays and musicals like my older sister.
10. Yes. In 7th grade.

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