Inspiration quiz

1. okay, be honest.. have you attempted to “Crank Datâ€? ?

um, i have no idea what the question is talking about

2. Ewwww. Nastiest thing you’ve ever eaten?

moms homemade mac and cheese, ended up ordering pizza

3. Most missed memory.

if it is a memory, then i can still remember it and it is not missed =]

4. Corniest pick up line ever.

let me count your shoulders, 1, 2

5. Surprise! You get to meet two Disney characters, who do you pick?

Mickey mouse, and donald duck

6. What commercial would you be willing to star in?

subway! eat fresh!

7. What are you going to name kids?

havent got there yet.

8. Stupidest rule.. who made/enforced it?

police men speed to work when they are late

9. One expectation you know you will never live up to..

being a chip off the old block. im a brand new block =]

10. Cliche, I know, but I couldn’t help it—- have you ever been in lovelovelove. {not just love, but lovelovelove}

hmmm, maybe. not sure

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