Meltdown,the Sisters of Chicopee

They headed off of the airplane in Barcelona. Two fo the sisters headed straight for the doors to “burn one” after a long, but comfortable flight in business class from Boston.They were celebrating the 50th birthday of the middle sister. This idea of all the sisters going somewhere wonderful on their 50th birthday was an inspired idea that started with Elena. She was told to pack a bag and be at a commuter parking lot at 6 am on June 12. She had no idea what was in store for her. They did New York with all of the wide-eyed wonder of true toursists. That was a gorgeus reunion of the “girls ” who had moved away from each other over the years through various relationships,marriages, children, jobs, and responsibilties that all real, adult women embrace and get lost in.
Although she was the oldest , she quite lamely tried to pick up a leadership role in the family of sisters. Others were much better suited to the task.

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