Intergalactic Spring Cleaning: It's Party Time

The Interstellar Scow was nearly full and ready to be sent off to some wayside gas giant to be dumped. “How much longer will it take?” asked the operator. “Not to much longer.” the Foreman replied.

Operations have been in place for nearly 5 months now as the Baalzars (as they call themselves) loaded all of their planets garbage into the uptakes to the scow. It would be a new start, a rehabilitation for the planet that hosted the most technologically advanced race in the known multiverse.

This purge was done every One Hundred Thousand years. And the following celebrations would last millenia.

This time there was a minor glitch. Although the Galactic Barge was almost done, a small asteroid slammed into the side just as the dump completed, and a small stream of garbage leaked into space.

“You think we should recover it?” “We have to, you know the fines for littering!” The trash was collected, and dumped on a smaller polluted blue planet. The gas giant was to far out of the way to bother returning.

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