she has over sized chanel sunglasses

School was horrible. There I was in my new light blue capris and my Old Navy faded pink tee, clutching my books. A girl with pearl white teeth, knocked into me as she talked to her friend who looked like a walking billboard. She didn’t even say sorry. In fact, she totally ignored me. I picked up my history book and was face o face with the most beautiful girl. I totally recognized her from the magazine I was reading on the plane to LA. She had wavy blond hair and wore dark blue-almost black skinny jeans and a super tight, super low cut, super see through white shirt. With a red bra. Total eww factor there. She lowered her over sized Chanel sunglasses. She looked at me with peircing green eyes. I saw my boring brown ones in the reflection.
“Are you famous?” She said in a strangly raspy voice as if she just woke up.
“No, but my koala is!” I said hopefully.
“Ha! Your koala…” She said, her brunnete friend next to her interrupted her.
“OMG, Maddy, daddy’s directing that!” She said.
“Daddy’s what?” I asked.

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