Kelly Belly Starring in wytherwings challenge

Kelly Belly was ready…this was it. It was time for the big hit of her ballet show. The interpretive dance. This was one of the hardest things to do, and very few people even attempt it.

What had made her want to even try?? Well Kelly Belly was at a party in New York…her mom had just spilled some champagne on Kelly’s new dress. Kelly, of course, being the wise guy she is thought if i put milk on my dress, it wont look like my mom spilled champagne on it Of course this makes perfect sense, but now she was left with a milk stain. So what does she do? She pulls out her purple sharpie. Now, any prepared person brings an assortment of sharpies with them to parties, but purple matched her dress, so she chose that one.

The sharpie was dried out. This sharpie had had a long life, but now was its time to leave this world. It had dried out. What should Kelly Belly do now??

Well, like any good daughter, she runs away and gets on the nearest flight back to Los Angeles.

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