Inspiration Quiz!

1. Yes I have attempted to “Crank Dat”. It was regretted though : ).

2. The nastiest think I have ever eaten would be popcorn with lots of extra butter and salt. There is a story behind this though. I was at my BFFL ’s house and we made popcorn, it was butter and salt free, so we improvised. We melted butter and pored it on the popcorn, which made it all shrink because the butter was really hot then we took a salt shaker and we added, well, a little too much salt, the popcorn tasted… not like popcorn to say the least. The nastiest thing I’ve ever tasted though, is Kool-Aid with BBQ sause and spit and various other things in it. But that’s a different story.

3. My most missed memory. This is going to sound corny, but it’s definatly middle school. I miss being able to see all my friends, and everyone knowing everyone. Ah, good times.

4. Cornest pick up line… Nice Shoes, only a few people will get that one.

5. Micky and Cinderella are my favorite Disney characters!

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