The eyes again.

I can’t believe this! Matt likes Mel!

How come everyone likes Mel when I like her!!

I sat down on the steps.

He deserved that punch.

But he is your brother! He would have no chance with her!!

Mel said that he was “gentleman-ey” or something, though!

But you are going out with her now!!

I set my head in my hands and calmed down. I got up, and headed for my room door. I walked in, to find Mel sitting on my bed while she absentmindedly stroked Willy. Matt stood leaning against the wall, as if nothing happened, his expression blank staring into space.
I tapped Mel on the shoulder. She looked up at me.

“Matt isn’t telling me anything.” She said.

I leaned close to her.

“He likes you.” I whispered.

Matt heard me. He jerked his head towards me, his hair in his face and a wild look in his eyes. He gave the impression of a wild animal with his hair sticking up at all angles and his eyes. Those crazy green eyes.

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