Inspiration Quiz... 2!

6. I would love to be in that comerical where the guy is driving in the car and then a bunch of animals come in and then I think a wolf eats a bird. Yeah, I have no life. : )

7. If I ever have kids, I would want my girl to be named Isabell Rose, and my boy to be named Tristen Michael.

8. Having a curfew, but not just any curfew, one for talking on the phone. My parents made this rule… not like I follow it though…

9. I will never be the girlfriend everyone expects me to be. I’m not into the whole PDA thing and I believe that we are 14 and we have a life to live. Having a boyfriend is cool and all, but most people, in my opinion take it a little too far, and I refuse too.

10. Have I ever been in lovelovelove. Actually I think maybe I have. There’s one boy who is my best friend, and was my boyfriend. 3 different times. It’s hard to explain this, I guess you would just have to know us…

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