5 things

1.Im afraid of what other people think. I try to convince myself that it doesnt matter but it doesnt always work.
2.I dont know whats wrong with me. I feel depressed and lonely almost every day but its not like I have a bad life. I know I dont but I still feel this way.
3.I dont try as hard as I could. School used to be easy for me and now its not so Im usually up until 12-1 in the morning with homework.
4.I hurt every day. I have pains up and down my body but I dont tell anyone because I dont know if its in my head or for real.I try to expend myself more to make up for it because Im not as strong or fast as the other guys in my grade.I joined both track and cross country and try to convince myself I like them both.
5.I cant express myself for some reason. Whenever feelings are concerned, I usually seem callous or shallow because I cant tell people how I really feel. I think Ive lost a few girlfriends because of this and I hate it.

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