Inspiration found(maybe?)

1.I have attempted to “Crank Dat” and being white, getting predictable results.
2. Um, Im going to have to go with cafeteria food. At my school they give you spears instead of forks because they dont want a lawsuit saying the student didnt have enough defense against the school lunch.
3.My grandpa. Kinda touchy subject for me so thats as far as I’l go.
4.Do you take karate? Cuz your body kickin. I was kinda jokin but I think she thought I was serious when I said that.
5.Um they’re all a little creepy so Il pass.
6.The tag commercials. Im a dude wat did you expect?
7.Havnt really thought that far ahead yet.
8.Curfew. Parents who else?
9.My dad thinks Im going to run track in College. I dont want to though.
10.No never lovelovelove. 1s the best number ever. Wow I sound pretty pathetic on this one lol.

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