And When You Smile, Think of Me

I’m leaving you soon, here among the flowers. I’ve got a long journey ahead of me, on a long and dusty trail. So in case I don’t get to see you for a while…

Stay here, among the flowers, the friends you’ve always had. But wander when you feel the urge. It’s important to get lost sometimes. That’s how you discover. Remember, Christopher Columbus thought he’d arrived in India when he bumped into the U.S.A.

Keep a heart full of hope. Without faith, you could lose interest in life very quickly. And we’re too dear friends to have you slip from my fingers like grains of sand. I need you hoping, praying, wishing for me. I’ll do the same for you, whatever it takes.

Watch the stars at nights. See how they shine? Heaven’s just beyond them. If you stare very hard, you may be able to read what’s written in the sky. Nothing, sweet, is impossible.

And when you smile, think of me, for I’m smiling, too.

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