So Much Suffering(pt. 1)

A young woman walked the empty streets of a ruined city, shaking her head at the sight of the fallen buildings. All of this was once so beautiful, she thought, _but humans… they can’t let anything be. Her soft amber eyes looked from the collapsed palace to the peaceful graveyard. A yawn escaped her thin lips, making her decide she shouldn’t have stayed up walking all the night before.

She froze and turned her head to stare at an empty space, completely clear of all rubble, all bodies, but quite the energy radiated from this single spot, making eace individual blonde hair she had stand on end. What, she thought, could have been SO great and SO violent to cause so much suffering?

Only suffering left a noticable energy residue. Residue… should that be what it was caled? She ventured further toward the source, cursing herself the entire way for such humanlike behavior. She took one step onto the lot and immediately fell to her knees. She sat on her heels.

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