Inspiration Quiz With My Fly Answers

1. I have, and succeeded! It’s loads of fun.
2. Well, I’m not sure if this counts, but at a soccer party a few years ago I was dared to drink something of their creation. We were at a pizza parlor, so they put together pepper, salt, pizza sauce, lemonade, coke, rootbeer, cheese, dirt, and parmechean cheese. The lemonade, coke, and rootbeer weren’t too bad together, but the rest was just wrong.
3. The Dude Ranch in NY with my GS troop. That was superultramega fun – we owned the dance floor.
4. Did you just fart, cuz your blowing me away – never has been used by me, never will be used by me.
5. Mickey and Goofy. They’re awesome.
6. Covergirl commercial.
7. Hayden, Lilly, Mitchel.. or anything else Alyssa and I come up with. =]
8. No gum in class – school.
9. Be perfect.
10. Nopenopenope. Know whywhywhy? Cuz I’m thirteenirteenirteen.

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