So Much Suffering(Pt. 3)

“Not sure… if there’s a way, then I will.”

“We’ll see.”

“Um. You’re not human, I feel that. What are you?”

“We are all members of a dying species. We are—”

“— the Terrinia,” she finished, shaking her head.

“Y…yes, that’s correct, but how’d you know?”

“I’m the last.”

“I kind of figured you were human with powers… because—”

“— because I came over here and did this. But I can help better than a human. But first, can you tell me what happened?”

“How’s about I show you?” A bright purple light surrounded her, and she no longer felt her own presence. She was all but a ghost in this “flashback” of sorts.

A surge of pain and suffering filled the air. She heard women and children crying, men either crying or firing guns and shouting profanity. She heard, “Don’t kill him! He hasn’t done a thing to you!” This was the voice of the spirit that had spoken for her deceased “roomates.” Two gunshots. More foul language. This was obviously the work of humans. Why couldn’t they just LET IT GO ?

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