Never allow anything you don’t want in your proverbial soup to sit and stew. Find a means of scooping it out and discarding it, and never let that colander/strainer out of your sight.

When inspiration knocks on your door, you better answer it. And, it’s best to leave the window open a crack.

Never deny yourself a smile, or a giggle, or even a chortle.

Let the little things in life tickle you.

Take the time to appreciate all there is around you.

Explore. This may mean “travel” to you, and that is fine…just never forget to explore your backyard.

Sing, even if you’re tone-deaf. Dance, even if you can’t feel a beat. Be silly. It’s worth it.

Be trusting, but not stupid.

Find the place within yourself where you belong, and then find the people who allow you to be there with them.

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, then it is truly yours.

Humans need constantly to be reassured that they are loved. Do so daily.

Love as much as or even more than you are loved.

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