British Accent (Profile Picture Challenge)

“Let me borrow a pen, and I will teach you how to speak in a british accent.” Said Steven.

Almost a year ago now, but yet I still remember every lesson Steven ever taught me.

Yes this really did happen. Steven sat in front of me during Social Studies in 7th grade for the entire year. And not once did he seem to have his own writing utensils.

When Steven told me he was British, I saw him differently.

“That’s awesome!!! You are so cool!!”

“Ummm, okay?”

And that’s how it went.

So each day he taught me how to say a new phrase in a british accent, and I followed every word he said.
Sure I didn’t like Steven that much, and I would never lend him another pen, since he never does return them, but he was teaching me the beauty of a british accent!!

“You know instead of taking french or spanish or whatever, we should be able to take british, you know learn how to speak like them.”

“Nora, you are so weird.”

Yes maybe, but isn’t life better in a british accent?

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