A Night to Remember

“I’m so bored!” Chantel whined. She threw her arms over her head in exasperation.
“There’s nothing on TV,” Lynn said. “You wanna rent a movie?”
“Sure. The walk to Blockbuster should be exciting,” Chantel said dryly.
As they got ready to go outside, Chnatel called to her parents, “We’re going to Blockbuster. We’ll be back in fifteen.”
“Be safe,” her mother replied.
The street was empty and quiet. It was as if they were the only two alive.
“Time for mad dancing!” Chantel screamed, running out into the road.
Lynn ran out and joined her. They started dancing wildly down the street. The yellow letters of Blockbuster glowed from the corner.
As they passed the intersection, Chantel spun. With her back turned she didn’t see the speeding car. By the time Lynn saw it, it was too late.
Lynn’s heart stopped as she watched her friend roll over the windshield and hit the concrete. The car never stopped.
“Chantel!” she screamed hysterically, kneeling by her friend’s lifeless body. Now she wished they’d stayed in.

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