The Early Days

To start with, the guy I dated 2 years ago? Yeah, we were on since K-5. In 2nd grade, we somehow knew what cheating was, and decided we were Ok if one of us cheated on the other. I liked this one guy from sunday school, he liked this one girl in Mrs. Hebbard’s class, and we were Ok with it. But, as you know, a relationship between toddlers cannot last long. Except ours. Up until 4th grade I was ok with the whole “cheating” thing, but the cute boy at sunday school moved to Arizona and I had no one to cheat with. This is where my lovely green sister jealousy kicks in. I was no longer in the same class as my “boyfriend” anymore. The little girl that was in Mrs. Hebbard’s class was in my class, and we fought over him. Of course, I won him over, how else could this go on for a total of 7 years?

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