Strange Am I!

I have some quirks,
I must admit,
I may not be the strangest
but I’ll tell you about it!

I have a thing about time
Everything exactly the same
hour, minute, second! each day
that is my aim.

6:20 I get up for school
7:20 I’m at the bus
9:00 I’m in the shower
10:00 I dream of us!

I don’t say hi or hello
instead I say ‘hola’
it annoys my friends a lot
and my mamma.

Just a few days ago
I created a new word
instead of bye its byesl
I know its quite absurd!

If, outside, it is warmer than
85 degrees
you know I’m not out
its way too hot for me!

I’m double jointed
more than most
my friends get creeped out
yet I still boast!

My arms bend the wrong way
my back can turn too far
I can disconnect all my joints
theres more that is bizarre.

I know I’m not the strangest
of the strange that is here
but I think I could be very strange
I’ll try harder next year!

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