. . but I'd still wear sunglasses

They tell you not to stare into the sun, something about corneal sunburn. Well I’m here to tell you that thats bogus. They are simply trying to keep you from the truth. Every universe has this rule, but it’s more of a population control measure. Current universe propaganda if you want to call it that.

The first time I did it was by accident, and I wasn’t sure what had happened. But the skinny of it is that staring into the sun and thinking about a universe that you want to be in will transport you there. There. Now you know. Go try it for yourself. You’ll see. just remember one thing. The angle that you stare into the sun at, is very important. 90 degree angles work best, so you may want to make sure that you pick the right day depending on the universe that you wish to visit. You will also end up in a universe that contains everything that is in your current field of vision. So if you want to end up in a universe that is completely different than yours, you will need to cup your hands around both your eyes.

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