But The Fire Burned out 5

I was almost done packing Emma’s bags when charles looked puzzled he question to me ..
’’ Ann you aren’t serous about this right what about Emma I’ll never get to see her again.’’ he said in the fakest voice I have ever heard.
’’ Your damn right about that Charles for once atleast you are right about something.’’ I said in a calmest voice possible at this moment. finshed up packing Emma’s bag she didn’t have much now there were just little nick nacks me and Em just couldn’t leave here. I quickly packed them in a bag and got our coats me and Emma only had two pairs each.
’’Charles do u have anything to say hmm maybe .. i don’t know sorry maybe ?’’ I said in sarcastic voice
’’ Um no not to you but Emma yes.’’ Emma’’ he wispered in her ear ’’ When you come back you can stay with me’’ he mummbled to her.
All I heard from eitheir of them was a hollar from Emma.
’’No!’’ she screamed ’’ You make Mommy cry !’’
I loved the look on Charles face it made me happier by the secound.
To be continued …..

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