Smooth the frog (6)

“So what’s your plan?” Ryan asked.

“It’s all to do with Mystic Lara…Will you stop doing that?”

“Oh, sorry.” Ryan stopped watching the fly as it flew around the table. “Habit. So, what’s Mystic Lara?”

“It’s a she,” Zoe explained. “And she’s going to save your froggy life.”

“Wow, that’s great! How?”

“It’s all been arranged.” Zoe said proudly. “Sarah is really big into psychics and tarot cards and stuff like that. So I’ve paid Mistress Mystic Lara- for which I’m sure you will eventually pay me back-to give Sarah a reading tomorrow.”

“And this will get her to marry me?”

“Well, Miss ML is going to find, big time, that Susan is going to save someone’s life by marrying them, Sarah’ll meet him almost immediately after leaving the reading and I’ve given her your description. If that doesn’t work, then get used to walking on two legs.”

“Perfect, perfect.” Ryan clapped his hands together, the spark of hope in his eyes. “Oh, one thing?”


“Is she pretty?”

“To wed a frog? Yeah.”

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