Doing Time

Brian spent the next four hours pacing, doing jumping-jacks, and eventually settling in a corner and tucking his head in his knees.

So: the man had taken him…why? And to where? What a place it was! He half-wondered if it could be in the future…but he decided it was a childish notion, even with the spotless metal everywhere and sleek pods and people dressed in weird suits and…and…

But what did it matter? He had been taken away from all he knew. His world was totally gone. The only person he’d met was his abductor (and honestly: who would want that to be the only person they knew?), and he’d probably die soon anyway. He accepted that. At least it wouldn’t be so confusing.

But then, the slot opened, and a tray of food was slipped through. Brian looked at the slot with an eyebrow raised.

“Mmm-mm-fvvmmm-mm!” he yelled, pointing exasperatedly at the goop attached to his face.

The slot closed and the door opened. And in walked the man Brian least wanted to see.

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