Strange jittery tones went through the ship, as musical as Kayla’s noise.


I peered at the long flashing line of colors that arced over the top three spines of the alien ship.

“Arni, see that big band of flashing red’s and greens across the top there.”


“Scan a video of it for…five seconds. Then run it through the computer.”

“K, anything you’re looking for?”

“Words,” I said. “I’m looking for words.”

I looked out over the crowd, 3000 odd people staring up at a spaceship bigger than Brand New New York. No one was freaking yet, though I could see a face or two going a little bit pale.

Flicking a few commands into the air conditioning system I introduced a few mild sedatives into the air. That should help calm the really nervous ones.

“Well, I’ll be jiggered,” Arni swore.

I looked over to the screen and the analysis results.

Undecipherable’s Time Travel and Entertainment

I clapped my hands together, grinning.

Now this was business.

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