Silence is Golden

“Why did we start this in the first place?” She whispered, her voice barely audible through the door which separated them.
“Because we were foolish,” he mumbled. “And young. A deadly combination.”
A long minute passed, and the silence was killing them both. She sank down onto the floor and put her face in her hands.
“You’re sitting,” he noted softly.
“I couldn’t stand much longer. We don’t have much time left.”
He crumbled onto the floor as she had, staring straight ahead, wondering about a thousand things so close to him but just out of reach.
“What do you think death is like?” She asked. “I think it’s calm. All at once it’ll happen and we’ll realize we’re dying and we’ll just… float off. Pure tranquility.”
He was silent for a moment, thinking. Then he laughed, one syllable, sharply.
“Death isn’t so kind,” he murmured. “It’ll be a rude awakening. We wasted so much time…”

They ceased talking; There was nothing left to say. And then they realized they had just invited death inside.

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