After the Steel Jungle Wars

“He just keeps shoving himself back into the corner, he’s screaming like a baby and shaking. For hours and…uh…..I don’t know what to do Bill.” Meghan’s voice was breaking in frustration.
“I’ll be there in a few Meg, you need to find out where he was today.” Bill was forcing a soothing tone.
“The new park, he was on a bench rocking back and forth..
“Dear Jesus! I had been meaning to call you,
some damn new age “artist” put a scrapped Grilluh as sculpture in the common area, I figured it would be weeks before he forced himself out of the house, you know … like usual. GATE OPEN .” A short screetch of tires let Meghan know Bill was in the driveway. Bill shambled through the door he still hadn’t shifted his legs to “auto walk” yet. Meghan sat in the kitchen crying, she wasn’t in the war she could’nt console her husband in his worst pain she felt useless.
“Dave, hey Dave” Bill reached down trying not to touch where his arm should have been.
“Killer Grilluh killer! The words were painful.

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