The Continued Casebook

“Wake up, Wilhelm,” shouted Detective Liam Leucopus from his office doorway.

Constable Maniculatus, gently snoring on the couch, stirred. “Eh?” was his unintelligable reply.

“Was there a letter?” Liam asked his old friend.

“Hm?” responded Wilhelm, lazily sitting upright. “Oh, right, yes, there was. But what did the Ruling Council say?”

“No need. Didn’t go,” Liam quickly stated. “The letter…”

No need?” Wilhelm asked in a confused tone.

“Ah,” Liam said with a nod. “Ran into a foreigner who told me that many of the common mice suspect the House of Onychomys. But the letter…”

“So?” inquired Wilhelm.

Liam’s shoulders drooped. “If everyone suspects the House in this matter, then everyone will be watching them like birds of prey. No need to make political waves with the Council if the common mouse will do our job for us. Now, the letter?”

A squeak from the hall interrupted them. “Detective, the Police Surgeon is done with the body and says he needs to talk to you. Says there be something wrong, sir.”

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