Seeing that they did not understand...

, the storyteller explained it to them.
“The first man is forgetfulness,” he said. “Although he hoped, he got distracted in the bustle of life and never tried to bring his hope to fruition. He did not suffer because he did not remember, but nor did he receive the reward he might have.”
“The second man is sloth,” he said. “Although he hoped, he was lazy and inattentive and destroyed his chance at bringing his hope to fruition. He suffered because he remembered and saw his own inadequacy.”
“The third man is steadfastness,” he said. “Although he was careful and diligent, the fickleness of life betrayed him. But in his patience he was not discouraged, and, trying again, his hope was rewarded and his longing answered.”
“The steadfast man cannot guarantee that his care and diligence will be rewarded. But if he is patient, his hope will eventually bear fruit. That is why he is patient.”

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