Unit 42A crossed his extremities and lowered his Upper Feature Expressors into an angry frown. “I can’t believe you still cling to this absurd notion that we were made by some kind of benevolent creator. It has no basis in reality, no solid fact to support it.”

“The evidence is all around us,” responded Unit 474. “I believe that this metal Construct we inhabit was built centuries ago, as were we all. I have faith that all that is exists because of that Creator, and I know that It will one day return to show us the path.”

“What a load of diodes,” 42A half-laughed. “If there is a creator, why does it allow such terrible things to take place throughout the Construct? Why did it allow that bulkhead on Deck 9 to collapse on that family?”

“I believe that the Core Programming of the Units killed in that horrible accident have been uploaded to the Central Mainframe, where they will spend eternity in the loving presence of the Creator’s Holy Subroutines. It is all part of Its plan.”

Diodes,” said 42A.

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