It's Just A Rejection

No now don’t get all excited. It wasn’t Evan.

It was Taylor.

Taylor? Yeah Taylor. Let me tell you about him.

Taylor, he has been in my team for the last 3 years, and each year for some odd reason, he has been in each of my math classes. Back in 6th grade you might even go as far as saying that me and Taylor were friends.

Now Taylor isn’t a bad guy. He’s not a nerd, he’s not a jerk. He isn’t even that bad looking. But I don’t know, sometimes when you are talking to him you just want to be like Taylor shut up!!! Sometimes the things he talks about don’t even make sense.

He is a little weird, but he isn’t horrible.

But still that didn’t mean that I wanted to go out with him.

No, sorry.

I pressed send.

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