Twain, Poe and Telsa: At War With the Emperor

“Didn’t we fight him once before?” Poe asked.

“That was Jules Verne, you dope. Remember? Verntopia?” Twain said.

“Hell, these alternate futures all look the same to me.”

“I will enjoy tearing you apart, Poe. I always thought your writing was horrible,” Wells said, through the speaker beneath the jar containing his head.

“Maybe this guy isn’t so bad after all,” Twain suggested.

Tesla reached into his coat and pulled out, what appeared to be, a gun. He fired the weapon and and a laser melted one of the mechanical behemoth’s arms.

Twain looked nervously at the laser gun, then said, “I should probably take this opportunity to apologize for those terrible things I said to you, Tesla. You’re an okay guy.”

Wells started to move again. Tesla fired a laser at the jar at the center of the machine. The shot ricocheted, and hit Poe in the chest and the android fell to the floor.

Wells swung his good arm and sent Tesla flying into the control panel.

“Oh Shit,” Twain said.

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