It didn’t matter.

Not in the great scheme of things, as things went. So what if he’d just broken the heart of the only woman he’d ever loved. Hadn’t she broken his first.

Hadn’t she humiliated him in front of his friends, his family—driven a sugar candy stake through his heart, then torn it out to feast on his blood. He’d known in that moment how it felt to have your soul bared and shredded, to feel obliterated.

The pain lingered with him still.

Pain? He allowed himself a dry smile. Seeing her cracked and broken when he’d finished with her was pain. Another reflection of pain which crept up through the spine, pierced the gut, and sliced through whatever feelings he’d had left.

Plenty of feelings—no heart to feel them with.

Seeing the shattered, tear sodden form trembling beneath him, he gave one more bitter curse. Then turned.

And walked away from life.

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