The Surprise Reveal (LA Series: The Surprise Chapters)

She crept opened the box & started laughing.
“Wait, what is it! Why are you laughing?” said Tony.
“Because my bestfriend is so crazy and funny.”
“Really, Dee is something else.”
“I cant believe he did this.”
Tony looked inside of the box and saw a few items.
“Your going to have to tell me about this one.”
“Okay, Tony. See last semester, Do you remember Dewayne? Well Dewayne would get drunk & do things to women that he shouldnt have sexual things & I always remember when guys have sex at their place its always good manners for them to cook breakfast for the girl in the morning & thats what Dee got me in this gift box: pancake mix, syrup, and bacon.”

“So he thinks we slept together?” said Tony.
“Yeah, he does. I cant believe he got me a breakfast kit. I’ma kill him!
“Well, I decided lets not waste this. But I have to do whats need for me to do.”
“Wait what?”
“Lets fool around so that you can earn your breakfast gift from Dee.”
“Tony no” said Andi laughing, as Tony jumped on top of her.
The End

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