Even More

“Whoa.. are you serious?” Isn’t it like against the law to like your brother’s girlfriend? Just like it’s illegal to go out with your best friend’s ex, right?

“Yeah.” he was looking back at Matt, sort of in a daze.

Then Matt spoke, in a deep, commanding voice, “Get out of here.”

Hayden started.. dancing? What was he doing? He took two steps forward then turned around and tried to go that way. He was mumbling to himself, too – what the heck?

“Uhh.. I got to go. Mum and Dad are probably wondering where I am.” I was going to give Hayden a kiss goodbye, but he was still looking at his feet mumbling, so I simply grabbed my stuff from the basement and left.

I snowboarded up to my front door, took my snow stuff off and walked inside to find my mother furious. “Where were you!?”

“Hayden’s, I called y-”

“You weren’t supposed to be out at all, young lady.”

You didn’t seem too upset about it the day I left.

“You’ve doubled your grounding.”


“A month.”

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